Difference Between Epoxy And Floor Paint?

Epoxy flooring and floor paint sound the same but they are quite different from each other. They share some common properties but both have different chemistry. Differences are mainly due to their chemical composition and then installation. Epoxy floor cures while the paint dries. Epoxy forms a durable layering or base while the paint is just a thin coating. This article will help you to clarify the concept of epoxy and floor paint which will be effective in the right selection of paints.

What is epoxy floor paint?

Epoxy floor paint is a combination of adhesive polyamine and epoxy which result in shiny and durable flooring. It is mostly preferred for car porches, parking areas, garages, living areas, shopping malls, etc. Its top-trending in Dubai for residential and commercial areas.

What is floor paint?

Floor paint has abrasion resistance and highly adhesive properties. It is usually oil-based. They are specially designed for floors and are easily washable. They are partially scratch-resistant and crack-free. Floor paint is a thin layer of paint; sometimes it's also used for walls.

6 Main differences between Epoxy and floor paint

As we discussed earlier epoxy and floor paints are different; we will now elaborate on their differences one by one.

Chemical composition

Epoxy flooring is a mixture of epoxy resin and an adhesive. Its mixing required high professionalism to be smoothly completed.

Floor paints are usually made up of synthetic resins and paints. Its composition varies from epoxy and results are also different at the end.

Extent of durability

Epoxy flooring has no comparison of durability with floor paints. It forms a stronger coating that can easily bear heavy loads, traffic, dragging, etc.

Floor paints partially contain the properties of epoxy. Painters can easily be a chip off and are not able to sustain themselves in rough and tough conditions.

 Age or lasting of paints

Epoxy floor paints last much longer than floor paint. Epoxy flooring can easily last up to 10-20 years. Floor paints can last around 5-6 years hardly. And are easily chip off while epoxy needs sandpaper to grit over its layers.


Epoxy is comparatively more expensive than normal floor paints. But its unlimited benefits easily equalize its cost. Once you invest in epoxy flooring, you will not be worried about flooring for many years.

Although floor paints are cheap they need to be refreshed or alter very soon; which means double the cost.

Which paint is easy to maintain?

If we go through the maintenance of epoxy and floor paint then facts are amazing about it. Epoxy demands low maintenance once it is settled. While floor paints are easy to install but hard to maintain. Floor paints need continuous maintenance in short intervals.

Different installation

Floor paints are much easy to apply. A good mix, proper cleaning, and then the surface is ready to paint. You just need to let it dry.

Epoxy flooring needs a high professional or trained team to apply it. form mixing of ingredients to last grinding; all step needs careful monitoring.

Which paint is best for the floor?

If you want a long-lasting, durable, and excellent solution for the floor then epoxy flooring is the best option. But if you want a quick change in the floor then you may go with floor paints. Epoxy is the solution for decades and worth-spending process. In this context, Epoxy Paint Floor Dubai can guide you well. Our skilled team is always equipped with innovative ideas and professional skills related to epoxy. Our contact sources are mentioned above; you can call, message or mail us at any time to avail excellent epoxy flooring.

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